Do not fear marketing automation, embrace it

One of my LinkedIn posts about many marketers’ fear of further automation had struck a nerve. Not only the feedback directly to the post, but also many messages I received were more than exciting to read. It is always interesting to see how marketing experts are happy about the advantages of automation on the one hand, and complain about job anxiety a short time later on the other hand.

Let’s take Google Ads as an example. No matter what major automation update there was. Be it Smart Bidding, Smart Shopping or more recently Performance Max, there are always critical voices that are not concerned with the product, but with their own predicament.

In my opinion, marketing experts who are afraid of automation should also justifiably fear for their jobs. Unfortunately, it is only a sign of their own uncreativity and their own inability to make a contribution.

It’s true that not all automation always has a positive impact on campaigns or the advertising environment, but it’s part of the industry to constantly evolve and reinvent.

The advertising industry is under constant change. Frameworks for tracking, data collection, advertising messages, campaign formats, ad formats and much more are changing. But advertising, at its core, always remains the same. For marketing experts with a clear understanding of advertising, automation should only bring advantages if you know how to exploit them.

I can only recommend embracing automation and using it as a tool to achieve greater goals. Those who see automation as the enemy will only ever run after it, complain and look for the blame elsewhere.

Automation, when used correctly, can scale projects and make them perform at their best.

The most important thing is that automation opens up new fields of development. Where previously a lot of time and effort went into campaign creation and manual optimization, today there is more time to dive into data analysis, consulting and creative tasks.

The entire working profile of a marketing expert is undergoing a shift, and that’s a good thing.

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